Find the perfect home for your sugar glider

Posted by: Admin  :  Category: sugar gliders, what is a sugar glider, which has a very safe and strong latch that he cannot easily learn to open. If you’re looking for the best Sugar Glider resource site on the net then look no further than http://www.sugargliderfacts.c

In case you are going to have a sugar glider, then you would surely require a cage. There are some important things you have to think earlier than selecting your first Sugar glider cage. In case you are searching to adopt a glider for pet, there are lots of important things that you have to learn, to make sure you keep a happy and healthy pet for coming years. One very important and necessary consideration is proper housing your pet in the appropriate and perfect sugar glider cage.



Your selection in the perfect glider cage is very imperative to make sure a happy and healthy pet. These sugar gliders are extremely active, and want much spacious room in the area of their cages. The cage’s height is more essential than the size, because they like to climb and jump. These glider cages must be as minimum two-feet in the width, by three-feet in the tall. Do not be scared to move as tall as feasible, the tall size the cage the better-off your new pet would be. There should not be wider space between bars in glider cages than just one-half inch separately.



The very important thing that you have to keep in your mind when selecting a cage is its height. These sugar gliders like to climb and jump all around. So, you have to confirm the cage has ample of perpendicular space. Perpendicular space is very important than the quantity of flat space. It is good that the glider cage is as a minimum three feet in the height.

You even need to think about the bars of cage. It is very important that the space between bars no more than the space of 1/2 inch to 1 inch at a distance. Bars with wire mesh are excellent as they permit the glider to climb on them without any difficulty. In case the cage you select is not made with wire mesh, then as a minimum confirm that offers horizontal type of bars or stands so the sugar glider can easily utilize them to climb.



A cage for sugar glider can be prepared from different type of useful materials. In case you are planning about getting a perfect and good quality cage with bare wire, you must understand that it can annoy the feet of your pet. Thus, get a perfect wire cage that is coated by powder or prepared from vinyl. They would not hurt the feet of your glider and they will even be simple to clean for you. It is good to keep away from cages prepared from plexi-glass because your glider will rub it up simply. Even, he would not be capable to climb it, thus you will have to give him with branches or platforms.



Did you recognize that sugar gliders are very much smart? You may be amazed one day to search that he has well-read how to open their cage and give permission himself out. You have to search a cage, which has a very safe and strong latch that he cannot easily learn to open.


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How to Groom Persian Kittens (and live to tell about it)

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Persian kittens are walking fur factories, because the breed has the most fur of any cat around. Persians often need extensive care and, when they are mature enough for their mild temperament and willingness to be groomed emerges, are quite easy to brush. When they are kittens, though, grooming them can seem like it’s all too much trouble. After all, who wants to come out of a grooming session looking like they’ve been through World War III? Still, properly groomed, a Persian kitten can turn into a trophy cat with a look of elegance and the obedience of showmanship.

persian cat breeders

The best persian cat breeders have this down to a science, but now you can too. To properly groom your Persian kitten, you will need a good steel-grade brush with steel thistles not too far apart. You can groom your Persian kitten in 4 (not so easy yet, but easier later on down the road) steps.


  1. Learn how to hold your cat while brushing, until she is comfortable with you. This can often be like learning how to rope a calf, but the kitten is stronger and wrigglier. Still, it can be done with practice. Holding the kitten firmly but lovingly, petting them and caressing them (with or without the brush) is a great start.
  2. Once you can hold your kitten without getting gouged and scratched until you look like a cross between a pincushion and a porcupine attack victim, you can start brushing your kitten.
  3. Brush the cat over and over again until the undercoat is gone. When there is hardly any fur on the brush after going over the coat many times, that means the undercoat is removed. The top coat will be healthier and only need to be cared for about every 3 weeks.
  4. Around the kitten’s anal area, take small scissors and cut the fur around the anus to clear away fur that can easily attach feces to it. Also clip the fur around the back area of the legs near the anus.


Persian cats can be elegant and beautiful, but they must be properly cared for. If you don’t own a Persian, but your boyfriend or girlfriend does own one, grooming his or her Persian kitten can be an amazing gift. Nothing says, “I love you” like taking care of your loved one’s baby, their kitten.

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Author: Shary Camalongay

BIO: Persian kitten enthusiast and breeder who dedicates her life to helping others learn more about persians to protect the cats and help them grow.

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