Travelling with your pet – Important points to consider

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pet travelNow when you have decided to bring the extended family all along with you, the tips of pet travel will ensure about the safe, hassle free as well as comfortable vacation that are meant for you as well as for your precious pet. As these animals are basically considered as the part of family that they must be the part of travel plans as well as their requirements must be considered quite long before the date of travel. Before the significant pet travel tips are also presented so let us now start with basic tip. Prior to the date of travel, see to it if you have consulted with the vet about the ability of your pet to travel.


The pets are sick, or who are recovering from any specific illness, those who are quite old or quite young, or pregnant are generally better suggested to be left at home with the sitter or even at the boarding company. Moreover, you should even check with the vet concerning important vaccinations and issuance of the health certification that are meant for the purpose of travel. Ensure that your pet is wearing a rabies tag with the identification tag that consist about owner name and contact information.

Celebrate your dogs birthday in style

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The majority of us have a pet at home these days. This can be anything from a dog, cat, parrot or even some sort of exotic pet such as a reptile or mammal of some sort. Whatever pet you have at home we’re sure you give it all the loving tender care it needs. So why not spoil your pet on their birthday? In this post we will talk about dogs in particular and what services are available out there for a dogs  birthday party or even how you can plan it all at home. Lets start with a DIY doggie birthday. By now you must know what sort of snacks and food and playtime your dog loves. So why not start the day by doing the thing your pet most loves, so for example you can take them on a long stroll with whatever their favourite toy is to play with in the park? You could also arrange so they can meet some of their doggie friends in the park, this would make the perfect playtime for your beloved pet and also give you some social time with friends.


dog1You could then take you pet home for their favourite meal, cooked steak perhaps or maybe they have some favourite doggie treats you can spoil them with? You could also accompany their favourite meal with a good drink they love (They’re not human, so no alcohol!) then perhaps you could wind down the day with their favourite grooming procedure such as a good brush or maybe even a wash? There we go, that’s the basis of a perfect doggie birthday, just put yourself in your doggies paws and imagine what they would love for a perfect birthday. If you’re looking for some more great DIY pet birthday ideas then check out this fantastic post from pamperedpaws




dog3If you’re really looking to spoil your beloved pet then thankfully there are some amazing companies out there such as that offer a very diverse range of gifts for your animals. Just browsing through the site you will come across some really special items your pet will love such as the dog birthday cakes they have here or this diverse range of dog gifts that they have here which include things such as luxury treats, organic pupcakes (How cute!) and even a fully loaded doggie gift box! Whatever it is your looking for on your pets birthday pamperedpawgifts are bound to have it. If not drop them a line here or you can even have a chat with them on one of their social media accounts such as facebook or google plus.