Silverquine – The standard in animal wound treatment

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silverquineThe animal care industry has evolved in leaps and hounds (bounds) and we’re now able to take care of our beloved pets in a much more efficient manner than ever used to be possible. There are companies out there which have invested a massive amount of time and resources into creating veterinary products that simply are just a lot more pet friendly.


One such company is – Who have developed a water based hydro gel which is perfect for wound care in moist or wet conditions, this leading treatment is infused with silver which greatly reduces the risk of bacterial infection as silver contains anti-biotic properties, this is incredibly important as more and more strains of bacteria are increasingly becoming drug resistant.  SILVERQUINE Animal Wound Dressing Gel has been evaluated in standard tests that show it can reduce the level of common microorganisms.  If you would like to find out more about this amazing product please visit What is Silverquine for up to date information. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team here who will be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Treat your pet with the best today. Silverquine

American Bully

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American BullyAmerican Bully is the latest style of dogs which are originated from Terrier of American Pit Bull. Such dogs have own registry that is known as ABKC. The American Bullies are basically bred by the line breeding of American Pit Bull for the particular look, temperament, as well as structure. American bulls are short, wide, and they have big heads as compared to older lines of the American Bulls. However, 2 key bloodlines which have started the American Bullies are such as greyline also known as California as well as razors edge also known as Virginia. The bloodline is also developed by breeding 2 lines for the dogs for creating the own line.

It is done through inbreeding and line breeding as well as doing crosses at any time needed. Few of foundation dogs created American Bullies such as Cairo, Shortshot, Throwin Knuckles, Jewels and Buckshot. These are Razors edge dogs & they are in about each line of the razors edge of the dogs that see now. Other line of the American Bullies is the Greyline. Such dogs are bred by the blue star kennels. The foundation dogs such as Raider 2 & Brianna Blue Good. Blue Star kennels even the bred Juan.