Ragdoll Cats

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catsRagdoll cats are awesome, they have a much more chilled, calm attitude when compared to other cat breeds. This makes them a perfect, lovable pet that is good with children and your friends. They also tend to be a bit more needy than other cats, ragdolls really like being around people and they love being the centre of attention.

While other breeds may resist being picked up, the ragdoll literally goes limp in your hands as soon as you make the motion to sweep them up in your arms. They just adore being pampered and are also known as the ‘floppy cat’ for their lacklustre resistance in contact with people. Strangely enough, these cats get along with everyone, even their canine friends.

Ragdoll cats make for great pets that you can keep around your children with no concern on the health effects to your child. Ragdolls do not have an undercoat of fur, it is this fur that causes hypoallergenic reactions in people. While Ragdolls will shed, you can expect that it will be a lot less than all the other breeds.



This lack of an undercoat also makes them very easy to groom as their fur does not mat like other cats. They are very clean and require very little grooming attention from their owners. The average size of a ragdoll cat weighs in at 15 – 20 lbs, with the males being the larger of the two sexes. The ragdoll reaches full maturity in four to five years and some males have been known to reach upwards of 30lbs.

Ragdolls have such a placid personality that you should keep them indoors as much as possible. They should not be allowed to roam around outside for extended periods of time. Ragdoll cats are not great fighters and if they are cornered by a more aggressive cat breed, they may end up with nasty injuries that will require a trip to the vet.

cats3Ragdoll cats are so calm that they are favorites for children to play with. They have no problem being dressed up and carried around, they have a personality that is more akin to a sloth than a cat and are perfectly satisfied to lay around all day doing nothing, making them the laziest cat breed by far.

If you are sold on the idea of bringing a ragdoll cat into your home as your new pet, then make sure that you find a reputable breeder that is well experienced in raising the animals. Make sure that you go online and do a search for reviews on the breeder and their animals that they sell. Make sure that the pictures feature an animal that looks happy and healthy.

If you would like to go the rescue route and adopt a ragdoll cat, please be aware that many rescue operations mistakenly lump the ragdoll cat into categories such as the Himalayan or Siamese. See if you can get an old one that has a pleasant temperament and you will find a pet that will be loyal to you for the rest of its life.

Ragdoll cats come in a variety of colours and patterns. Some common colors that can be found on Ragdolls are; Blue, Lilac, mink, chocolate, cream, solid and torte. The patterns vary just as greatly with common patterns being; colorpoint, bi-colored, mitted and lynx. Regardless of the color or pattern the best thing about a ‘floppy cat’ is its personality and demeanor. If you are looking for a life companion, or a family pet, the ragdoll cat is your top choice for an animal that gives no issues and is great with people.



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Cat Beds

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kitSleeping is known to be significant part in the life of cat and your beloved kitty will also no doubt wish to find the most comfortable place where she could cuddle. Felines much often go for sleep in the bed of their owners but this may lead to discomfort. To resolve the specific issue you should buy a nice, cozy as well as warm cat bed. This would make the pet very delighted and so you will even benefit for the reason that the cat will not disturb you in the bed.

A few different kind of Cat Beds are available in the market. Such cat beds are available in the local shop meant for pet as well as in various online stores. You may also browse the online sites easily as well as conveniently to check the different kinds and to also choose the bed which is much appropriate for the feline.

Luxury beds for your cat

Such beds are usually designed to offer the ultimate comfort for your beloved and lovely cat and these beds are much expensive as well. The beds usually have some kind of layers of the fabrics that could easily guarantee that the cat will feel warm when she sleeps. Such layers also help to protect feline from coldness that is coming from floor.


Other important characteristic of such beds is quilted surfaces that bring some kind f additional puffiness as well as softness. Hence, your pet will also enjoy such levels of comfort when they are taking nap.

Cat baskets

The Cat baskets not just give high level of comfort to the cat, but at the same time they are even helpful for decoration. These baskets have comfortable pillows as well as heat pads that also make them to be much comfortable as well as much warm. The Cat baskets are specifically made of willow, hence they are much strong.

Cat mats

If you have cat who likes to spend the entire day on windowsill by watching what is happening outside, so certainly the cat window mat could be most beneficial for your beloved cat. Such mats could get placed on windowsill to offer warmth, to offer softness as well as comfort.


Radiator beds

Such kind of the cat bed is known to be very much useful for the cold days as well as for the people who have some kind of radiators at their home. Cats also love to sleep in the warm places, as well as it is also not much surprising that they will come to the bed of the owner. On the other hand, this might also become a great issue for the reason that not all the cat owners are ready to allow the pets to sleep along on their beds. A single solution is always to place the cat bed on the radiator. Hence, you may also give your cat some warm as well as cozy place where you cat can sleep, and where pet will not disturb you in the bed for each night.


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