Looking after your pets

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If you own a pet you’ll know the joy that they bring in our everyday lives, they’re friendly, loveable, loyal and of course most of all they are loyal. They expect very little in return for the attention and care that they give us and of course this means we reciprocate and care for them as much as we can. Having a pet is a big responsibility as they take a lot of looking after, whether you’re a dog or cat person they all require a lot of love and attention, correct dietary requirements and of course a lot of attention  and exercise will not only make for a happy pet but also for a happy you.


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flea1Fleas are irritating to animals and can spread quickly to other animals and to things in your house. Here is how to get rid of fleas on cats fast with these seven steps:



Check your cat first. If your cat is biting, looks irritated, or isn’t getting sleep, there is probably a flea problem. After inspecting your cat, check all of your animals thoroughly.



Comb through the cat’s hair. Doing this after dipping the comb in a soap water or alcohol solution will eliminate 10 to 60 percent of the fleas.



Apply a flea control product like drops, shampoos, or sprays. Sometimes, you can even use pills.



Be sure to vacuum your floors, especially rugs, and clean your shoes to be sure more fleas don’t hop on and venture into your home.



Continue to treat your cat and use anti-flea sprays near their bedding and furniture.