How to Alleviate anxiety and separation anxiety in dogs using a dog blanket

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bedYou love your dog, don’t you? Well, they love you too, the difference in your love is that your dogs love for you is unconditional. They will be there for you whenever you need them and they never shy away from a chance to express it. Unlike humans, who have a social group we can communicate with, all your dog has is you, you are the epicenter of their world and when you are not around, it’s like they have lost their only friend and their connection to the world.

This will cause anxiety to build in your dog. Anxiety comes from being separated from their parents at birth and also from you leaving the house. They simply think that they have been left forever, they don’t understand that you are going to return to them and they begin to build this anxiety, with it increasing the longer you are away from them. Have you ever returned from a holiday after leaving your pets with a friend, to find that your dog is super excited to see you? That’s the anxiety lifting and the tension dissipating from their behavior.

Anxiety, particularly separation anxiety can cause our lovely dogs to do things that we may find frustrating. Digging and burrowing are a primary means of your dog relieving this anxiety. They burrow to relieve stress and some say they are even searching for you with every hole that they dig. Containing and alleviating this stressful anxiety in your dog is not as challenging as it sounds, all you need to do is give them an environment in which they feel secure and comfortable.


Small dogs love hiding in reclusive spaces to feel safe. Have you ever had your dog spooked by something, perhaps an animal, a loud postman or a loud neighbor, and they run for cover? They disappear for hours, only for you to find them cowering in a corner or under a couch somewhere inside or outside your home, sound familiar? So why not treat yourself and your dog to warmth and comfort wherever life takes you, a happy dog means a happy home and after all they’re your best friend aren’t they, so surely they deserve the best!  So bring ring along a  dog blanket or throw for a familiar soft surface when traveling or drape it over furniture for stylish protection from pet hair.  Keep a happy friend for life!

When small dogs feel stressed or anxious, they seek safety and the dark, silent safe space of the couch gives them the security they need to calm down and feel confident again and this is where a dog blanket can be perfect to help them alleviate their stress.  There are not many options for you to alleviate their stress, other than to hold them and talk to them softly. They will eventually calm down and stop shivering or moaning if you stroke them and speak softly to them.


To make sure that your dog stays stress-free, make them a hide to run to when they feel the need to burrow or run away from threats. The very best solution for a hide is made by They offer an easy, simple solution to your dog’s anxiety and gives them the safe space they need to feel secure. Simply fit the bedhugpet to your dog’s bed and they have a soft, small space to run to when they need it.

You no longer have to return to your home after a hard day’s work, or a long vacation, to find your home and yard in pieces, the bedhugpet takes care bed4of your dog while you are away and is there for them, keeping their anxiety at bay and soothing the symptoms of anxiety.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit one of the best websites in the space which can help you with a stack of information that is related to anxiety in dogs. You can visit them here  or why not learn more about how it all works here.  They have such and amazing story behind this concept and you can read all about it here. Of course their shop is also jammed packed full of products which you can find here. If social media is your thing they would love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.  The team is always on hand to help your and your pets and no job is to big or small!




With Frazzle pets every pets meal is a feast

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fplogo300Are you doing enough with your pet’s diet

Do you love your pet? Are you concerned that your special friend is not getting the nutrition they need to live a long and healthy life? There is a solution that helps to fortify and improve on current pet food diets by providing them with quality superfoods, treats and snacks that add in the vital nutrients they need to keep their health in tip-top condition.


A new look at pet nutrition

Frazzle Pets prides ourselves on our commitment to improving pet health. We are innovators in the pet food market and want to disrupt the way people feel about pet nutrition. We supply high-quality, specialty foods for your pets, straight to your home and your pet’s dinner bowl, all with the simple click of a mouse.

Chances are that your pet could use some variety in their diet. Changing things up for them and introducing meal enhancements to their current diet, such as vegetables and other wholesome ingredients that contain vital nutrients and vitamins, will extend their lifespan and improve their health.


The Frazzle Pets difference

Join our monthly meal plan service and let us help you give your pet the nutrition they deserve. With packages, available for both dogs and cats, we take care of the planning for you and ship the foods and snacks that will enhance your pet’s monthly nutrition. You can skip the hassle and research needed to decide on what products are best for your pet, because we have already done it for you.

We focus on providing freeze-dried, dehydrated and air-dried foods that can be added to your pet’s current menu. We have partnered with the best suppliers in the pet food industry to bring you their premium pet food products, combined in a monthly subscription package, at a budget you can afford and control. Our Feast package plans are designed to amplify and improve your pets nutritional experience.

Join the Frazzle Pet plan that’s right for your pet

Discover new foods for your pet with a monthly selection that your dog or cat will love. When you select a 3or 6 month plan, you can get an additional 3 months of meals FREE by entering the promo code: EMPTYBOWL during your checkout during the month of March. You can buy snack packs for your own pet, as well as gifts for your friends and family. The best gift you could give is the better health of their pet!

Frazzle Pets giving back

We believe in giving back to the community and supporting pets in distress where ever we can. This is why we have joined the ‘Fund for Paws’ initiative. For every purchase you make with Frazzle Pets, ‘Funds for Paws’ will donate 20 meals to shelter animals. We work actively with our charity partners to make a difference with every meal plan and snack pack purchased by our loyal subscribers.


The final paw-print

Your pet loves you unconditionally and trusts you with its life. Show them the same love by feeding them a balanced diet that’s rich in the nutrients and vitamins they need to develop strong bones, teeth and glossy coats while keeping them healthy into their senior years. Frazzle Pets is your partner in your pet’s nutrition, join us today!

To find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about the great team behind the site here or why not check out their feature packed FAQ page. Of course if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.