How To Free Your Pet And Your Home From Fleas

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fleaDo you love pets? The cats and pups are the two most loved and the cutest pet in the world. Actually, cats are more common in various states of the US and other parts of the world while pups and dogs are preferred in the UK and Asian regions. If you have a pet, you must be well aware of the hassle that you have to go through while taking care of them, mainly during the bath. Most horribly, the pets become a serious issue when they are attacked by fleas. How you will save your pets from the attacks of flea, mainly when they are subjected to cause flea everywhere, ranging from pet’s bed to your bed or clothes. Do not worry! Just read further to know the best flea treatment for cats and pups as described by the experts.


Special Water Bath


Fleas really hate the water. This gives us a fine option to eradicate fleas from cats. Use shampoo to wash the fur of cats. Most of the cats refuse to take a bath which is very common. Hence, you can use dry shampoo which is in the form of spray or powder. Make sure that the shampoo sits well in the fur of the cat and then cleansed with a soft towel or water.


Homemade Anti Flea Shampoo


If you find the anti flea shampoo in the market too costly to buy, there is a fine option to make one of your own. Here is the quick recipe.


  • Take 2 units of baking soda.
  • Mix it with 2 units of corn meal.
  • Bake it at 250 degrees for about 5 minutes, or until it becomes red warm.
  • Let the mixture be cooled and your homemade anti flea shampoo is ready


The above shampoo is in dry form. Hence, it can be applied as described above.




Combing the cat’s fur is not only a side aid for anti flea shampoo bath, but it is also an excellent remedy for controlling as well as removing fleas naturally. Comb the cat’s fur with clean comb. After every one or two combing, do not forget to dip it in the warm water mixed with anti flea shampoo. This will prevent fleas to jump back to the cat’s fur. Always try to comb the fur in the bathroom or outside the main living premises.  This will help you to minimize the cleanup process.


Regular Checkup


This is one of the most important factors that people often ignore. The cats must go through the regular check up so that there dermal issues can be resolved gradually and sustainably. It also helps to cleanse their skin easily without having any type of further issue. Never forget to go through the detailed check up that includes microscopic analysis of dermal issues.


flea3Final Tip


At last, it is strongly advised by the experts to keep away your cat from clothes, bed or other important places of your home, like kitchen and bedroom. This will prevent the sprinkling of fleas by your pet over various places where they can easily hide to come up later on. To avoid any such condition, go for the best flea treatment for cats that removes it permanently.

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