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animalDesigning the web page involves conceptualizing, modeling, planning as well as executing the media content in the electronic form as well as delivering them through Internet by using technologies such as mark-up languages so they are also suitable for presentation and also rendering by web browsers and other GUIs which are completely web based. However, Web design is mainly used to mean to describe any such tasks which are basically involved in creation of the web site. Moreover, in web designing, there are 2 fundamental aspects which are located in the web page which is available on Internet. The initial most aspect is presentation where the user needs to interact, which is generally in the visual form. The second aspect is at back-end that has entire information for browsers which are non-human.

Web design uses the essential mark-up language which is utilized in browser to inform that how the presentation of the information is carried and it is also known as HTML which means Hyper Text Markup Language. Moreover, in the web design, there is a strict version of HTML and so it is even extensively used and is known as XHTML, denoting the extensible Hyper Text Markup Language. The person who is designing the web page is known as the web designer who is using XHTML or HTML to inform browser about the layout of web page. The web page must be designed with some items such as text, forms and bit-mapped images. Such items are then placed with use of the XML, HTML and XHTML tags. Hence, the complex media may get displayed, like animations, vector graphics, videos and sounds, there is generally the need of browser incorporating the optional plug-ins such as QuickTime, Java as well as the Flash Player. Few more plug-ins is also embedded in web pages with use of XHTML and the HTML tags. Technically speaking, the web design may be really a difficult process because of HTML having different variable factors.

In the web design, not every browser will be be able to understand HTML with respect to standards that are created by World Wide Web consortium, that can even be called as W3. It mean that the piece of web design which would appear precisely as web designer designated in a kind of the browser and it can also come out differently in other kind of browser. The solutions of type’s problems are several so they can avoid browser-specific bugs. The task in web design is very fragile business and the improvements as well as enhancement in different compliancy of the browsers which have W3C standards are initiated at widespread acceptance of XML along with XHTML together with Flowing Style Sheets for any kind of manipulation as well as positioning of elements of every web page.

The updated standards from the W3C and proposals intend to offer accessibility as well as media options in the extensive array to the client devoid of need to employ any kind of plug-ins. The potentials available for web design are well regarded to be limitless even at specific point; they are constrained with various boundaries of the browser.



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