Dog Food Brands

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dog1Dogs are very similar to humans in dietary requirements in terms of nutrition, it’s important they get a healthy balanced diet. They require especially manufactured food items that can full fill all their daily requirements. There are various different brands that manufacture special dog food preparations with some ingredients. You can either purchase the dog food in dry version or in the liquid form. Most dog owners prefer purchasing the dry dog food because it is reasonably priced and very convenient to store.  There are various different versions available in the market which you can select according to your dog’s diet. If you dog is allergic to certain ingredients then you must purchase the dog food them very carefully.

Some of the world’s best dog food brands and some important things that you need to remember while selecting a particular brand of dog food are stated below.



1.       Pedigree Petfoods

This brand specializes in the manufacture of animal foods. Before you purchase this brand it is very important for you to read the label carefully and find out about the ingredients. The Pedigree Petfoods is brand that is basically manufactured in UK and the items are exported all around the world. This brand is the subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. The basic elements that are present in this brand are Ground Whole Grain Sorghum, Chicken, animal fat, whole grain corn and Corn Gluten Meal. Make sure that your dog is not allergic to any of the substances before purchasing the product.

2.       Happidog

Happidog is a very well known brand that basically manufactures vegetarian dog food. The company is located in England and some of the major ingredients that are included in the product are rice, wheat, soy, barley and grains. The product does not have any artificial colors, preservatives or animal products. If your dog is vegetarian then this brand is the best for you. This particular brand is highly appetizing and is available in big containers and tins.

3.       Addiction Foods

This brand is best known for the manufacture of hypoallergenic food items for cats and dogs. The ingredients that are included in the food items prepared by Addiction Foods are prepared keeping in mind the gastrointestinal and skin diseases that can be caused by lamb, chicken, artificial preservatives and beef. Novel protein sources are used for the preparation of the items. This brand is easily available in most of the stores all around the world.

4.       Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is a version of the Nestle brand that manufactures food for pet animals. The ingredients included in this product are highly natural and high quality.

5.       Beggin’ Strips

There are many people who also prefer purchasing dog treats for their pets. If you also want to do the same the Beggin’ Strips is the best brand that manufactures dog treats. The treat is designed in the form of bacon which dogs prefer the most.

6.       Gaines-Burgers

Gaines-Burgers is a brand of General Foods manufacturing dog food. It is in the form of moisturized dog food wrapped in the form of patties. Dog greatly prefer this product.

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