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Teacup yorkieTeacup Yorkies are beautiful, small size dogs that normally weigh someplace between seven and three pounds. They present the possible to be a wonderful pet. This beautiful dog is good-humored but also calm. These small type of animals are beautiful easy to focus to. Not like most of other puppies, these small size Yorkies can hold living in a small size home, condo or flat. However, people should not be expecting a Teacup to forever be ideal. This canine class has its liabilities, just same as any other dog breed.


There is some wonderful information regarding Teacup Yorkie. This information can very much useful anyone to get a perfect notion of what loving for such dog types would comprise. Yorkie are not small size of angels. The reality is, they can be only the sometimes opposite. Anybody who may receive a Teacup Yorkie must really be set to take some time training it to properly behave. These types of dogs must not be spoiled and pampered; the cost for doing so can frequently be disastrous. Every type of dogs needs proper level of training. Even though a Yorkie is a small dog, it even must be trained to make sure that it correctly behaves.