Raising Tadpoles As Pets

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tadpolesTadpoles are beautiful organisms which not only serve the formal purpose of school’s bio labs but also act as a fine pet in your backyard. For many, it may be very easy to raise tadpoles. Just get a small aquarium and fill it with water. Do not forget to put small pebbles, a little mud and water plants. Tadpoles need a cave like structure to stay in. So, make sure that your frog house has small hollow stone where tadpole can reside. The most important thing is to provide oxygen. So, you must have an aerator that can circulate the air into the water, just like fish tanks with lots of bubbles.


By the way, what is going to feed them? It is very important that they get the proper nutrition for growth and development. Otherwise, they will not be able to survive for long. Commonly, they can eat whatever usual eatable they find in the pool, like leaves, moths and small fish eggs or larva. If your pool does not have these things, you will have to arrange them as quickly as possible. Many environmentalists suggest arranging it before you raise the tadpole. Make sure that you feed them twice a day and provide sufficient food that they can eat all the time.