Staffy rescue North East

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staffyOne of the best breeds of dogs you can own is a Staffordshire bull terrier, although it must be said that these dogs are not suited to everyone. Unfortuntalely in the UK they have received unwanted notoriety due to the fact they are often used as ‘status’ symbols for gang members or even worse they are used for fighting, nothing could be farther from the truth though as these dogs make the best of loving pets and make them a near-perfect pet dog for a wide range of people, young and older alike and they are great dogs for families.

They are tough enough to handle anything a child can dish out – yet at the same time are placid and gentle natured enough to be around children. It must be said though every dog is different and they all have their own personality so it’s always best to judge these situations.

Unfortunately these are a lot of Staffies that get abandoned in the UK due to the fact their owners can no longer take care of them. Thankfully there are amazing organisations across the country that will re-home them. One such organisation is staffy rescue north east so if you’re looking for a Staffie please get in touch with these guys because they’re always looking for new loving and caring homes for their animals, or perhaps just make  a small donation.