Sick betta fish

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bettasick betta fish will make the owners to be sad and at times even hopeless in looking for the appropriate cure to assist the fish to become Highly healthy once again. Prior to such sick fish may get treated, the diseases also have to get identified initially, so suitable and perfect kind of actions may be taken. However, treating the sick fish with unsuitable treatment will certainly not just make the fish to be unhealthy, but this may also lead to endanger of the lives. Below mentioned are some of the diseases as well as sickness along with the suggestions on treatment of the sick betta fish.

  • Ammonia Poisoning

Few symptoms consist of fish that are becoming sluggish as well as lethargic, losing the appetite and also gasping for the breath at water surface.

The concern might be mainly for the reason of poisoning in water. Hence, you need to take some important action such as checking water pH, using the aged water and some other.

  • Itch

Just like the dog has the lice, fish may also get itch. A few of these symptoms consist of fish scratching the body against the hard thing in this tank, developing the redness and bloody streaks and even moving the gill quickly.