Siamese Fighting Fish

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fightHow the food does is adequate for the Siamese Fighting Fish? This answer is certainly how they wish to eat in various minutes. Like the humans, even Siamese Fighting Fish have now a days while they won’t even eat much as compared to some other days while they also eat pigs. They eat more of the favourite food like the black worms as well as mosquitos’ larvae as well as less of manufactured foods according to the Siamese fighting fish. Moreover, you may also find that they might turn the noses up at food.


Hence, rather than dropping food in tank as well as racing off for performing different kind of jobs, while feeding the Siamese Fighting Fish certainly this is really great idea to always keep for placing some small amounts for the food in the tank until the fighter has even stopped eating. On the other hand the uneaten food must also get removed so always just not to pollute entire water. Food must get well rotated between the freeze dried, frozen, and live as well as pellet. The great variety of the food will also make sure that the Siamese fighting fish receives all nutrition which it needs. Freeze the dried foods consist of blood worm, black worm, Tubifex and brine shrimp. The great variety of the pellet as well as flake food is usually available on market at the present, just you need to check protein content in entire brand.