A Growing Industry: Puppy Training

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With our growing understanding of dog psychology, we are now able to understand the true benefits of puppy training. Recent studies have shown that temperament between dogs is widely varied; meaning that your dog’s breed is not as important as previously thought when it comes to determining your dog’s personality. Rather than pigeonholing your puppy into a personality category based on its breed, the gold-standard has become to tailor the training to the puppy’s needs. It takes experience to understand the subtleties of dog behavior.

Puppy Training

The best trainers look for several key markers such as, sociability, dominance/submission, and pack relations amongst others. It is the trainer that reads your dog, connects with your dog, and determines what style of training is best. This is why having a skilled and experienced trainer is an absolute must for effective dog training that will endure for the lifetime of your pup.

A trainer’s main goal when training any dog is to instill in the dog an ability to manage his or her emotions. Puppies have a lot of energy, so if encouraged with the wrong directions or allowed to get into bad habits, the puppy can give in to his or her primal nature of dominant and aggressive behavior. The best way to prevent this behavior altogether is to start training very early on. This way, rather than correcting bad behavior, your puppy is guided towards good behavior from the get-go before those bad behaviors even begin.


Traditional puppy training generally starts around 6 months, but this is far too long of a time for your puppy to be without direction. It is during this critical time that your puppy will learn to interact with the world around him or her and form long-lasting behaviors that will be carried into adulthood. Training can begin as early as seven to eight weeks old, beginning with simpler commands.  At this age the puppy is in a very vulnerable state, so it is best to get the guidance of a trained professional who will encourage gentle touch and patience.


If you’ve already made the error of missing this critical point in your dog’s life, it is never too late to get your dog behaving better. Although it is not as easy as training a new puppy that hasn’t yet developed poor habits, there are trainers out there that understand what it takes for an older dog to break old habits and form new, superior ones.


There are definitely solid trainers out there who are professional and understand the puppy and dog psyche. Be sure to research their websites, look up reviews, and find out as much as you can about them. Also try to converse with the trainer before signing your pup up for sessions, so you can get to know who will potentially be training your puppy. There are many worthy trainers, but if you happen to be looking for a dog trainer near San Antonio, Texas, Lara’s Canine Solutions is one worth checking out.