Pet Trainers Rejoice

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petEvery pet trainer knows the joys of watching an animal respond to the subtle cues of his master.  They also know the pain of trying to coordinate lesson schedules in order to make that magic moment happen.  Booksteam offers pet professionals a quick and easy solution to the task of burdensome appointment management.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to and register your account, there is no charge for thirty days to see if you like how it works (I’m sure you’ll love it though). Open up your digital calendar and prepare to be amazed!  This online scheduler allows business owners to easily organize their day to day schedule.
  2. Use the calendar feature to add your classes, services, open appointments and tutoring times. In just a few moments you can see your entire work week coming into alignment.  Remember, if your schedule changes you can change your calendar with just a few simple clicks of the mouse.
  3. Multiple locations are a snap, simply add each and every available time slot and designate the appropriate location.
  4. Ready to save a ton of time, money and hassle? Simply share your site with your customers.

Pet owners can now login from their smartphone, tablet or computer and choose a date, time, service or class that works best for them.  In a few moments they can register and even pre-pay using automated credit card system for clients.  They can even pick the location that is closest to their home or office online.  Managing multiple pet training centers has never been so user friendly.

In a few short days your time can be spent focusing on Fido not managing the phones and calendar.  If a client needs to make an appointment change they can do so without disrupting your pet seminar.   (Just think…no more running for the phone! Isn’t that amazing)

Pet trainers love this time saving, life changing software.  Get back to doing the thing you love.  Train that cat, dog or parrot, with BookSteam you have the time!