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pet care“When Your Pets Deserve the Very Best” is the wonderful slogan for Lovett’s Home & Pet Care out of Naples, Florida, and it accurately describes their business and the services they provide for your animals. If you have to be away from home for any length of time and are worried about the care and maintenance of your pets, Lovett’s has you covered from Afghan hounds to Turkish Van cats and most animals in between. So if you’re looking for a pet sitter naples look no further.

Your animal(s) are used to your constant love and daily care, and leaving them alone can through their delicate lives into turmoil. Lovett’s works closely with each pet owner to determine the best course of care for your pet while you’re away and follows each customer’s instructions and specifications to a very fine degree. There will be no more worries about leaving your pets with an animal boarder who can’t provide specific interactions and one-on-one care with your fur babies while you’re gone, not to mention the high cost of placing your animals in a kennel’s care.



Some business offer an animal daycare for your pets, but they are often expensive and require you to be there at certain times to pick up your little ones; this is not always possible for those that work late or might be travelling during odd hours. Having a care provider come to your home means your animals have something to look forward to and are cared for in their own environment. Lovett’s employees only the best, most compassionate pet sitters in the Naples area and are fully insured, bonded, licensed and certified to ensure you get only the best, highest quality care available. They come highly recommended by local veterinarians and have positive customer testimonials to back up their claims.

pet3Need someone to stay overnight with your little babies? No problem! The caregivers at Lovett’s are animal lovers to the highest extreme, and treat your pets just like their own. No matter if you have dogs, cats, birds or ferrets, Lovett’s guarantees a pet sitter that will care for your animal any time you can’t. They’ll also water your flowers, plants or shrubs while you’re gone, administer medicine to your animals or run errands if need be – all you have to do is call ahead of time to arrange it with the pet sitter before going off to work or enjoying your vacation. Rates are affordable and quotes for services can easily be obtained with one simple call.

Started in Naples in 1999, Lovett’s has grown over the years to be an all-inclusive pet sitting and home care service that caters to all types of animals and their special needs. They’ve got love in their hearts and a willingness to work with the customer, which is why they’ve achieved the status of the best Naples has to offer in the way of pet sitting and home care and with their monthly membership plans it makes it all simple.


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