Get a professional pet portrait done

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doggenuine-300x236Animal lovers all over the world! Pay attention, we’ve just discovered the best keepsake for your beloved Pet. A hand painted Pet portrait! Pets in Portrait is a fantastic online portal where you are able to send photos of your pet to artist David Joseph and he will in turn provide a beautifully hand painted oil painting of your pet. Each painting will be exactly as you ask for it, personalised to each customers needs until they are 100% satisfied. The 5 easy step purchase process is so simple to follow .

You can use the secure online payment facility to make a payment and send your instructions to David who will then take care of everything else. He guarantees to do everything possible to ensure you are happy with the final product and as if that isn’t enough he even offers FREE shipping with all products bought, including both in the UK and nationally. If you live outside the UK the shipping process will normally take 1-2 weeks.


So don’t hesitate get in touch with David today or pop on over to his site and follow the five easy steps which will explain the process of receiving a beautiful oil painting of your pet and see what pet portraits David has to offer!