Is there any alternative to E Collar for Dog and Cat?

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neck1Pets are loved and cared by their owners. Usually, they get the respect of a family member from their owners. Most of the time, owners want to do best care for their pets or say, dogs and cats. Dogs and cats need regular check up and good food to be healthy. Sometimes, the situation arises when they start hurting themselves by licking their body during heals on the body. This will increase the problem of infection. Now, people look for a solution to this issue. Generally, E collars are used to avoid dog licking his or her own body.

Conical shaped product, E collar, is tied around the collar of the dog and cat. This will cover the whole face of the animal. It will help the animal to lick his or her body. However, it is not comfortable for the pet to wear this thing all time.

Some dogs get aggregated bearing cones and get injured again (especially neck injuries) that is very harmful for the dogs and owners too. They face a lot of other problems such as they are unable to reach for their food, to move anywhere, got stuck in doors and windows. They start producing noises that may be difficult to hear from the owner or the family members all the day long. These cones are very rigid and the dogs and cats become inflexible to do any task. This will not make them live happy and they start harming themselves and the family members. It may lead to death of the pet. Now, people demand for some alternative to E Collar for Dog and Cat. One alternative is to make these collars soft. Some collars are there in the market with adjustable knob attached to the collars. However, it is not much comfortable because dogs and cats are not able to do it by themselves.


neck2The owner or the guard must be there with them all the time to make proper adjustments when they require. This is not possible every time. Another effective alternative is paper collars. They are very much flexible and the animal does not feel pain and being bound in these collars. With this, they can even move easily and will not stick anywhere.




Here is the best possible solution that is body armour. It covers the whole body of the pet and hides their wounds. This will not bind their movement anymore. The pets are free to move from one place to another freely. It will help them to correct their wounds easily and quickly without going under painful circumstances. You must buy this body armour for your pet if the animal is going through such situation where he or she gets wounded and making them from critical by licking the body. Search online the information about them. You will have a better understanding after going through the reviews of other people who had already used the product. Collect all the necessary information regarding the online purchase of products.  If you’re looking for a much safer more reliable and all round more pet friendly collar then check out these guys at