What To Do If Your Pet Has An Encounter With A Porcupine

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A porcupine is a small moth like living being which has lots of thorny needles on its back. Nature has enabled this living animal to safeguard itself during the time of any threat. Among many encounters with porcupines, more than 10% cases are with pets. The pet pups or dogs often try to play with a porcupine and end up with the wounded skin due to its needle attack. Experts strongly suggest to visit the nearest vet so as to give the proper treatment for dogs. Although, most of these porcupines are not poisonous, they can harm the pets severely in various other ways.


So, what to do if your pet has an encounter with a porcupine? Well! The simple and effective way is to take out all the needles carefully and wipe the area with soft cotton. This will clear off the wound and also clean the blood (if any). But, this is just the first aid which must be instantly followed by visit to nearby vet. Sometimes, there may be just two or three needles which can be removed off manually. However, make it very clear that none of its needle has penetrated the skin of your pet.