How To Take Care Of Mexican Axolotls

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axoltlHaving an  aquarium at home is a therapeutic and relaxing hobby and keeping an Axolotl as a pet is just as rewarding if done correctly. These water creatures are a form of salamander and unfortunately are incredibly rare and on the endangered species list.  Part of the reason this animal is so rare is because it’s found exclusively in 1 lake area just outside of Mexico city. These animals are kept as pets and this is probably ensuring the survival of this species as their natural habitat is becoming very small. They vary in size between half a foot and foot, so if you’re keeping one as a pet it’s essential that you have the correct sized living space for them.  Please make sure you fully understand the needs required to keep these rare creatures in captivity as  not  everyone can take care of these salamanders as their own personal pet, as they require specialized care and diet requirements.  Most of the cute fish like goldfish and Mexican Axolotls die because of improper habitat that they get into a small aquarium.


First of all, the size of the aquarium must be large enough that it can offer roaming space for the Axolotl, If you are planning to have multiple fish, it is good to have a large fish tank. Side by side. Most  fish have a habit of eating unlimited depending upon how much you give them, so make sure that the feeding times are correctly regulated with the correct proportions. The best way to find out the food timing and amount is to browse the internet and research specialized Axolotls sites or you can view videos such as the below.