Dog Training Puppy Leashes

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Dog Training Puppy LeashesDog training puppy leashes are a necessity for many reasons with the most obvious one being that you don’t want your dog running around your neighborhood freely and causing havoc. Remember, if your dog causes an accident or harms anyone then it’s you the responsibility falls back on.
The good news is that leash training a puppy is not that difficult although it does require a little patience. The leash will be something foreign to him so it’s all about getting him used to the idea and in this article we’ll give you some proven tips to have your puppy loving his leash.


#1. Your first step is to buy a leash suited to your pup. In fact, it needs to be a collar an leash because the leash attaches to the collar. The collar will play a very important role in getting your pup used to leashes.
#2. To get the animal used to having something around his neck simply detach the leash from the collar and place the collar on the pup. Initially, he may reject it but leave it on and get him used to it.
#3. Then place the leash on the collar. Do this in the beginning for short periods of time so the pup gradually starts to ignore it. In the beginning, he’s likely to chew or play with it and to avoid this give him a doggie treat to take his mind off it or put the leash on him when he’s having his feed.You can also do this and then play with him to distract him from what’s around his neck.


#4. Eventually, your pet will accept both collar and leash and when this happens, start holding it and let him lead you around. You don’t want to be forcing him into anything at this time. Encourage him all the time.
#5. After awhile, start walking outside your property. The new scenery will keep him distracted and it will also have a positive effect on him as well. For example, going for a walk with you is something he will crave from now on and whenever you pick up the leash he is going to associated this with a walk.
#6. To stop him from tugging on the leash just tug back when you feel him pulling on it. Stop and make him sit before moving on. Keep doing this until he gets the message and this can take sometime depending on the dog’s nature and intelligence.
Using dog training puppy leashes correctly and teaching your pet the fundamentals and getting him used to it from an early age is fun and you should make it feel like fun for your canine mate.