Do I Really Need Horse Trailer Insurance?

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horse1So we all know about car insurance, home contents insurance, life insurance and pet insurance. If you own horses, then you’ll also know just how important specialist equine insurance is to cover vet costs and injuries. But what about horse trailer insurance?


Well, put very simply, if you own a horse trailer, then you should definitely be considering a horse trailer insurance policy. And it’s a type of insurance that can often be overlooked, until of course, the worst happens, and your horse trailer is broken into or damaged.


But why run that risk? Horse trailer insurance is affordable and easy to set up providing you have the correct documentation, so you really can’t afford to be without it.


What does horse trailer insurance cover?


Policies with different providers will obviously offer slightly different terms and conditions, just as you would expect with car insurance. Therefore, it is always advisable to shop around and find the insurance policy that best fits your needs and budget. However, generally, horse trailer insurance covers horse box trailers and other types of trailers (although not trailers designed for hoardings and advertising) against theft, fire and accidental damage. You can choose insurance for UK driving with European extension cover for when you take your horse trailer abroad.


How can I set up an insurance policy?


The hardest part of taking out horse trailer insurance is to decide which provider to take cover with. Not all regular vehicle insurers cover horse trailer insurance, so try to find a specialist provider in the equine industry.


You can then apply, usually online or with one quick telephone call, for an instant quotation. At this point, you should take time to evaluate the levels of cover provided, length of policy, excess limits and areas covered by your insurance. Then, in order to proceed with your horse trailer insurance policy, you’ll be asked to provide your trailer’s serial number and details of the approved security device fitted to the vehicle (all trailers will need to have a security device fitted that is approved by the insurance company before insurance can be considered).


You’ll also need to provide the standard pieces of personal information required on any insurance form and that’s it, your horse trailer insurance is ready and you can enjoy peace of mind for the next 12 months.


Taking out horse trailer insurance really is a necessity for anyone involved with the equine industry and owning a horse box trailer or other type of trailer style vehicle. Trailers are unfortunately subject to theft, fire and damage as much as any other car, van or truck, and if you are taking your trailer out on the road, then obtaining insurance is a legal requirement.


So if you need to start insuring your horse box trailer, talk to a specialist insurance provider today for up to date advice, assistance and an instant quotation.