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pawIt is true that cats prefer to play games with toys, and so there are different types of toys that are designed for cats. But do you know that cat has the play kind? Each cat has the definite leaning toward the specific kind of play that can be also enhanced with specific game for cats and different kinds of toys. Luckily, it is simple to figure out the kind of your cat is!

Put all the cat’s toys far away in the closed area, and then start with only one toy. Play with cat for about 10 minutes and then make a note as how the cat will react to your toy.



Cats usually tend to be highly active either at the dusk time or at the dawn time, so you should try to play games with your cat before the bedtime. You also need to check if they are getting engaged while playing the game. Do they also tire of toy very quickly? You might also try to do the exercise over again on following day with the new toy. However the chances are there that cat will also be drawn to about 1 and 2 toys for your car.


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