Good Family Dog Characteristics

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top_dog_breeds_for_kidsA lot of time and research is expected when selecting a household dog. Personality, size, and character are a basic set of traits to take into account when searching to get a new dog to join the family. Whilst each breed of dog has their own qualities which make them special, perfect family dogs share several of the same common features that make them so ideal for families.

Regarding personality, a dog that is nice and calm around people is crucial. They need to be more comfortable interacting with new folks since they will be spending considerable time around family members as well as their friends. It’s important that they are good around kids and will not get envious. An excellent pet dog can also be very faithful to the family and protective of the family members which is a great bonus. They ought to be playful and able to roughhouse, but additionally learn to follow the commands that they are given.

It may be tough to determine a good size for a family dog. If size doesn’t matter then a bigger dog may be the best overall choice. If there are small children, smaller sized dogs may be much better but many small dogs can act very sketchy when they feel threatened. Speaking in general terms, a medium size dog will suit most typical families. They are not too big for smaller kids and they’re the best size for a good guard dog. An ideal weight for a normal sized family dog is between 30 and 50 pounds.

One specific area that families need to pay attention to in a dog is their temperament. The dog will most likely be around kids of every age group and achieving a good temper is vital. The top dog breeds for kids are those that could handle teasing and occasional annoyance from children. Additionally, the dog should not be overly possessive of things like toys since young kids won’t understand the reality that the dog’s toys are not their own. Bigger dogs are usually not as irritated as easily with teasing from kids in general terms. Because of this, the very best breed of dogs for youngsters is large breed of dogs.

Every family’s necessities are different and it’s also likely that specific breeds which are not thought of as family dogs, such as mutts or mixed breeds, might fit those needs just as well as pure breeds. Whatever choice you make, rest assured you are making a great decision for your family and your kids will have years of enjoyment and friendship from this new family member.



Photo by Henrik Thorn