Emotional support animal certification

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animal2The Emotional Support Animal Center which is also popularly known as the ESA is the leading and renowned national provider of the prescriptive ESA letters or the animal accommodation letters for both flying as well as housing. The emotional support animal certification is offered to the licensed professionals of mental health that have written various prescriptive letters so are also we are proud to mention that none of the clients has had the accommodation ever refused. This process to apply is also quite simple. It contains taking the most online Psychological test for Evaluation. Your answers will also get reviewed by the licensed psychotherapist as well as the followup and the telephone consultation gets scheduled. If therapist identifies that you also perfectly qualify for the ESA prescriptive letter that will get emailed to you very same day.



We are also quite much confident about the prescriptive letter that you will receive and it will also get accepted by the domestic airline, by the landlord as well as by the housing managing and agent, the fee will also get refunded in about full when requested accommodation gets denied.

The cost to have the Evaluation Test get reviewed by the licensed psychotherapist with the follow-up of the telephone consultation fees might also differ.