What to do if your Dog has Diarrhea

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dogIf it is for the first time that you are observing dog diarrhea in your home, you might not be aware of the basic techniques to treat it. Actually, there is nothing so difficult about this. First of all, analyze that your dog is suffering from watery stool. If it is so, make it fast for at least 12 hours. Till then you feed your dog only water. If the stool is still watery, consult the vet.


In addition, wash the pet food bowl several times a day. This is to ensure any contamination of food for further disorders. If the issue does not seem to be fussier, it can be treated at home easily. Feed your dog 100% fresh and canned pumpkin. Do not feed a homemade pumpkin pie. This will repair intestine functions and will color the stool,


Alongside, you can feed the quality pet food with pro-biotic. If there is no such food available, buy pro-biotic powder from pet veterinary shop and mix a spoonful of powder in a bowl of water. Feed once or twice a day.


If the case is too serious to be cured at home, consult the vet immediately. If your dog has ingested toxins, do not waste time and visit the nearby vet at once.