Best dog food for puppies

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There can be nothing better to have new puppy? These puppies offer so much of love from the very start, and also there is great affection in these sweet little dogs. From start we also become highly attached to these puppies, and always look forward for their long & healthy life. This also includes getting the best dog food for puppies. Moreover, there is just no end of choices which we have seen while selecting for dog food that we usually feed to our pet. These stores are generally full of isles of the choices; all of these have the colorful package which happily lists different kinds of benefits of food to puppy.

dog food for puppies

However the main problem is that companies of the dog food are not usually well concerned with health as well as welfare of new puppy, mainly they are also well concerned to make money and to also keep the stockholders happy. Dog food mainly is not regulated same way as people food are regulated. For instance, if you will see on package which says that they are chemical free, and no chemicals are added so basically is telling you about no addition of chemicals to puppy food once it enter processing plant.


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