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dog cratesWackyPets is an expert in Internet distribution of products and services for pets and dog crates. The evolution of relationship between the owner and the animal was not taken into account by the major players in the distribution of the animal products and services. The animal is now a member of the full-fledged family and teachers have become “pet’s parents,” concerned with the health and welfare of their animals. It declined his offer to stay as close to the new expectations of these animals new kind owners. So we strive to deliver competitively priced quality products but also provide advice and services customized to its customers.


The biggest market catalog: the key to the unique! More than 5000 products covering all species (dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents, birds) concerning all animal’s needs (health food, pharmacy, accessories ), offering innovative and original products as well as all major brands of health food .The veto advice services , a unique service in across the world. Our customers are advised free, fast and personalized by a veterinary team on all aspects of their relationship to the animal. So, website designed is user friendly which will navigate your through all kind of pet you wish to have.

Choose The Right Dog Crates

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dogcrateA dog crate is an inflexible structure to place your dog in it. A number of materials are used to design the crates such as it can be of metal (mostly aluminium), plastic or other hard substance. Soft crates are in trend these days, as they are lightweight, transferable and can be easily folded. Today, the crates are pleasing, colorful and attractive. When do you exactly need a crate for your dog? It is required when you are travelling in a car or plane. It is good for you and your dog too. It may cause critical issues if your dog is loose while you are in the car or in another vehicle. Therefore, security must be provided in such conditions.

Here are some tips to buy the right dog crates. You have to ensure that the crate is spacious enough that your dog fits in it and able to change positions flexibly. Do not forget to make sure that it will be easily placed in your car. Do get trapped in the advertisements of cheap crates. These crates are useless and may prove harmful. Always go for a best quality crate so that you will not have to face any problem later. Pop on over to for the best dog crates in the business.