Dog Cartoons – The impression they leave on us

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scraggsAmericans great passion and love for dogs is expressed nowhere better than in cartoons, since cartoons originated they have featured pets and the majority of these pets in the cartoons tend to be Dogs.  Even before the advent of the film industry and massive films such as Lassie, there were cartoons being drawn, it’s where a cartoon dog first began to to develop it’s characteristics traits that made them become and iconic feature.


Probably the most famous of dog cartoons would be Snoopy. Snoopy featured in the Peanuts cartoon strip for many many years and still does in many countries. Most of the time he was hanging around reading his novel, or his other favorite pastime was dressing up as a fighter pilot.  Snoopy is now a world famous brand and known in households the world over. The brand has spawned everything from children’s toys, movies, fashion and even gifts such as coasters, coffee mugs etc. There are also avid collectors now of the snoopy dog cartoon and some of the earlier issues and toys can fetch a tidy sum on the market.


Fast forward to now and the most famous dog cartoon has to be Santa’s Little Helper who appears in the Simpsons. He is Bart’s Simpsons dog and their relationship captures the special bond that is associated to the child/dog pairing in American popular culture.


For a very long time,  animal cartoons have been seen as the major entertaining as well as messaging characters in the animation industry. The most common ones are mouse, cat, duck and dog. There is no doubt that the dog is the best pet for human being. Perhaps, this is the reason why dog cartoons are elaborative for cartoonists and for the whole animation industry.


The most important benefit of dog cartoon character is its effective personification and giving the dog a unique and personable character that can be associated to everyday life. The dog can be portrayed having human like nature, performing all activities that human being does and even talking like humans. In the technical frame, the dog is one such animal that grabs the attention of its audience easily just because they have a friendly image of dog as their own pet and are able to associate this with something close to them, as they say, the dog is the human’s best friend and there is no better way to portray that emotion than in a cartoon.

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