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Cute cat stuffProper care of your lovely cat can be a bit of work, not very hard. Cats are self-determining. There are so many things that can help you to take care about your cat which assist you to insure your cat to be as fit and strong as they can be. The important is that you have to get your kitten or cat to the vet as early as you catch them. The checking can properly check your cat and confirm that there is not anything wrong with your lovely cat. You can utilize a bottle of spray when your lovely cat is being bad. You need not to hit your cat in case they are doing badly. Spray your kitten or cat with water. You have to confirm that you don’t spray them very much. Properly spraying to cat can cause violent towards you. Cats usually by nature require scratching. Certainly not just does this also help cat to keep their claws cleaned as well as sharpened; however scratching is even the significant part of the cat’s regular exercise.  There is different cute cat stuff which is available in the market and even through the online websites, you can easily find them and try for your cat.