The chicken coop that takes care of the gardening

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chickenRaising chickens is a great hobby because it supplies you with your daily quota of protein. Eggs are important part of a family menu and getting them fresh and plentiful from your back yard can take the bother of ordering them from the shops. The egg can cost plenty and you can get them free by rearing chickens in your yard. Most people think that rearing a chicken is a difficult task,  with the droppings and the mess they make on your premises. This is true, but there is  a chicken coop that takes care of these aspects and leaves you with just the task of feeding them with food and water.

Yes, a chicken coop that does  most of the cleaning work and allow you to take it easy so that you can rest  without worrying about the bird droppings. With the new portable chicken coops you can move the lot and park where you want and where you want their poop to be dropped. You can park the coop on the garden bed and importantly fertilize it with the natural droppings of the birds. The coops also offer natural airflow to the birds and keep them healthy that in turn enable them to lay big white eggs.