Why your Chameleon changes colour

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Chameleon changes colourFor many animals, changing their colors is always not the option. Moreover, many animals are also identified specifically by constant color. On the other hand, for African lizards those are popularly known for Chameleon change colour as they change their colors in most natural way. Every chameleon may even turn their colours to brown, blue, black, and green, yellow, red and also white. Now the question is how? How can an animal change the color of their body? The ability of chameleon to change their colors lies in their skin that has several different layers.


The more protective as well as outer layer is completely colorless as well as transparent; skin layer which is just below it is completely colorless as well as transparent, they are made of the cells which is known as chromatophores, it consist of red as well as yellow pigments. Moreover, cromatophores in third layer are completely rich with melanin, similar pigment which creates the various shades of the human skin. The layer creates the color of brown and black and it also reflects the blue light. Next or the final layer of the skin reflects light which reaches it. Hence, color of chameleon changes as chromatophores in their skin expand & contract