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catladiesAre you bored sitting around at home? Or perhaps tired of doing the same things over and over and looking for a great new experience? Have you considered going to a musical? A musical is a show case of talents and instruments usually on a large stage in front of a large audience. Tickets are normally very well priced and it can be a great day or evening out for all involved. If you’re looking for a little romantic time with your partner it’s a fantastic thing to do, the same applies if you need to take the family out and entertain them, it’s all great fun. This musical we’re going to touch on quickly is adults only, so don’t take the kids along.

Check out listings for Catladies:  The Musical That Makes Lawyers Purr at the NYC Festival of the Offensive on May 3rd and May 4th at 4pm.   Starring.





Melanie Heit Rivellese…Stella Woo
Deana Loria…Fran O’Neil
Lara McDavit…Violet Voilet
Michael Valentine…Grey De Chavez
Melanie Heit Rivellese…Director/Composer
Sherr Rase…Assistant Director/Stage Manager


A word from the sponsor

“The dogs retrieved the Constitution from its perch and chewed it up like a rubber chipmunk. Forcing the lawyers to turn catty as they attempt to save the feline only pet store/mecca of CatSmartCo before it is infiltrated by canines under the banner of affirmative action. But the NÜTER-ing (No Undermining of True Equal Rights) Movement may get snipped before it has begun. (80 minutes)”


“This musical contains offensive language and sexual innuendo. It requires a willingness to embrace the absurd and should not be seen or heard by virgin eyes or ears.”


So go on be daring and take your partner to see this witty and good fun musical. You won’t regret it.  You can find out more information at You can also get in touch and find out more information on their social media pages and