Name your cat : Think before you do.

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catnamesNaming new female cat is definitely serious matter. It is not something that you may do at last minute or even emotionally, instead it’s the complicated and confusing exercise which must be embarked with utmost diligence. So, to avoid your cat from undue embarrassment and to shield yourself from scorn of various other cat owners, just follow these simple steps before you get the wonderful cat names.

Consider long term view, just like when you name your baby. So, you will have to think about longevity of their name that you give to little kitten. Cats are markedly more social as compared to humans, wandering all around the night and even meowing all time, so you should think about how significant their names should be to them!

At the same time, so not get ironic with the colors like if your cat is of black color, it deserves to get a black name or of the kitten is white; it justifies a name which is white sounding. Do not try to reflect the racism or colors with your kittens. You should not be led to dark side thinking where you would name your pretty ginger cat as “Greenie” or the black cat as “Milk”. It is really not funny and this does not help the self esteem of your cat.