Make sure your dogs ears stay clean

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innovetPets need constant care much the same as we human beings do, what applies to us applies to them as well. It’s important they follow a good healthy lifestyle including eating healthy and exercising regularly and generally just following a good healthy regime. It’s also important that your pet gets regular check ups, just the same as you would do with a doctor. Ensuring they are regularly checked up will reduce the risk of further complications down the line. You should also be taking good care of your pet at home, for example regularly cleaning them and in particular pay attention to cleaning of your dogs ears.

Regular build up of wax and dirt in your dogs ears can lead to serious further complications which it’s why it’s important to stay on top of this. Do not use regular ear buds used for humans as these can cause damage to either the ear drum or inner workings of the dogs ear. Thankfully there are great products on the market such as this dog ear cleaner from innovetpet. It’s the only patented natural dog and cat ear cleaner for easy cleaning. Has a soft silicone removable tip for safe, fast and easy delivery of ear cleaner or dryer. Made with herbal extracts for the cat version. Essential oils for the dog version. Emulsifying agent is not a soap and won’t sting. It’s docusate sodium used in emergency medicine to remove impacted ears in infants. There’s no alcohol or sulfate and leaves a pleasant long lasting smell.