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pup1Are you a dog owner? Do you love your canine friend? Then show your support for the species with the coolest dog t-shirts. With loads of breeds to choose from, including boxer, beagle, Labrador, bulldogs and golden retrievers, our range of dog and dog t-shirts will have something for every dog owner.

Our quality clothing is available in a wide range of colors, cuts and prints, with a huge variety of prints. You are bound to find a shirt or vest that makes you laugh. Our prints range from entertaining and funny, to serious and powerful. We have a special garment for whatever occasion or environment you find yourself going to.

Hang out with your dog and make a fashion statement at the same time. Our range of t-shirts and vests for men and women feature the best prints and quality fabrics to keep you looking and feeling great. Fantastic colours and a range of sizes mean that there is a dog t-shirt that will fit you, or anyone else in your circle of family and friends.


View our collections to see specific ranges related to a certain breed and make your selection from the great prints that are available to you. A dog t-shirt usually makes a great conversation starter wherever you go. Everyone loves dogs and if they don’t they should, show your appreciation of your pet to the world by making a fashion statement that is stylish.

Dog t-shirts, dog hoodies, tanks, and apparel and awesome, quirky accessories such as watches and necklaces are all available to you. Choose your favourite dog t-shirt design that best describes your attitude and your dog’s character. We have a collection that will have something to suit your tastes.

All of our dog t-shirts and apparel are made with quality materials. Our prints are designed to be resistant to wear and tear and will last a lot longer than lower-cost, lower-quality merchandise. Make sure that you choose to buy from the best. All of our merchandise is free from harmful chemicals that impact your health.


We founded our range of dog t-shirts on our love for animals and the knowledge that there is an entire community of people, all over the world that love their pets as much as we do. Our pets are there for us unconditionally, through the good and bad times in our lives. They are our truest friends and we are their entire world.


Show you respect and love your pet by wearing your dog t-shirt with a picture of your dog’s breed. We have a range of most breeds and loads of awesome prints to choose from. Make a fashion statement the next time you take your dog out for a walk at the beach or the local park.

All of our dog t-shirts are designed by top artists and we strive to constantly update and grow our range of apparel available to pet owners all across the globe. We want pet owners to be able to show their pride in their pet and look good while doing it.

Pets are special animals that have the capacity to understand our emotions and be there for us when we need them. They also rely on us to keep them safe, well fed and healthy. If you are a pet owner, then you know the special bond between you and your dog that we are talking about. It’s that special connection that doesn’t require the spoken word, it’s in your behaviour and communication with them that makes them understand and respect you.

If you are fair with your pet and give it the love and support it needs to develop into your best friend, then you will have a companion that will do anything for you. Show that you have the same feelings toward your canine companion by wearing a dog t-shirt with your pets breed proudly displayed on it.


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