Bees and propolis

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bee1Bees are incredible insects. They make some of the world’s most interesting and versatile products that have a host of benefits, not only to humans but to pets as well. Propolis, wax, honey and pollen are great natural remedies for a variety of minor health dis-orders, they offer a natural relief that in some cases works better than modern medicine.

In the wild, honey is also a favourite of carnivorous animals. Lions and bears have both been known to raid hives to get their paws on some of the golden goodness.

Feeding your dog honey is a great idea and its done by hundreds of dog and pet owners across the world, there are even books written on the subject of feeding your animals honey and bee derived products. Dogs love the stuff and will lick it right off the spoon, along the way they pick up benefits such as an improved immune system, a shinier coat and healthier gums.


Another fantastic product of the honey-bee is a resinous, sticky substance that is sometimes referred to as ‘Bee glue’ and in science and nutrition circles is called ‘Propolis’. Bees use this sticky material to keep their hives sterile. If an animal enters a hive and is stung to death, the bees will cover the body in a layer of Propolis, keeping the bacteria and pathogens, that arise from the decomposition process, from infecting the bees.


Propolis has been used for hundreds of centuries to cure natural ailments in both human beings and animals. However, in today’s society it has been brushed aside for the application of modern medicine in our lives. There are still a few people out there that believe in the bee and the healing properties and powers of its products in our lives.


Propolis is very rich in bio-flavonoids that improve immune function and prevent disease within the body. Bacteria, yeasts, viral infections and fungi are no match for the power of Propolis. The Propolis health effect also extends to anti-inflammatory properties in the product that assist with ailments such as arthritis and rheumatism, as well as stings, cuts and burns.

While honey may taste of sweet heaven, propolis does not. It has a bitter taste that animals detest. To feed your pets propolis and give them the benefits of its healing and health powers, find a brand that is available in gel capsules. These caps are easily hidden in the pet’s food and they will have no idea they’ve even swallowed it.


Propolis offers your pets protection from viruses and ailments like kennel cough and canine flu. The bitter taste of the raw product makes it ideal for a topical remedy that they won’t be very keen to lick off. Propolis can also be mixed with raw honey and olive oil to reduce the bitterness, you can then use it to clean the animal’s gums and help treat gum infections.

Honey makes a fantastic addition to your animal’s shampoo as well. Buy an organic shampoo and mix in about 30% honey, along with some essential oils and lemongrass and you have a power shampoo that keeps their coat healthy and shining, while providing protection against dermal infection and other skin viruses and bacteria such as ringworm and eczema.

Bees are under threat

Bee populations are under threat in Northern American and all across the world. As mankind continues to invade and destroy their natural habitats, with toxic chemical, such as pesticides from food production and other more macro factors such as, global warming changing the environment for humans, animals and insects alike.

The environmental stress that bee populations face mean that they have ever dwindling numbers and if nothing is done to curb the die-off, it’s even possible that bees could simply disappear from the circle of life. There is science that outlies the possibly of a global vegetation and food crop die-off if this were to happen, while there is no real established proof to the studies at the moment, it would make sense, seeing that bees play a crucial role in pollination of plants.

Bees are just like humans and animals, if you feed them a diet that is nutritious and organic, they become well-adjusted insects that produce valuable products. If you feed them rubbish, such as a sugar based diet than can be found in many commercial hives nowadays, then you can expect to raise hyperactive, aggressive insects that may even turn on people.


Fortunately, there are beekeepers out there that still know how to take care of their bees and give them the nutrition they need. Look out for these products in a health food store near you and keep yourself and your pets protected with the power of propolis and the honey bee.


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