American pitbull terrier dog

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pit1The American pit bull terrier dog breed is a medium sized, solid haired dog whose ancestors and parents belonged to Ireland and England. It belongs to the breed of molesser. American Stafford shire Terrier and pit bull terrier dog belong to same ancestry. The major difference is in terms of height and weight only. American Staffordshire is the biggest of both.  This dog has a coat, small in size and carries a well built structure of muscles. The eyes are like almond shaped and the ears are small to medium. They can be natural or even cropped. The tail is thick and tapering. The coat is smooth, very glossy, short, and stiff in nature.






pit2Temperament of terrier dog breeds

This breed of dogs has maintained a great reputation over the past few years. But now people are not really happy with this dog anymore. They are now labeled as violent, unreliable, and wild and totally blood thirsty. Several kinds of independent studies are conducted every day upon this perspective. These dogs normally take different emotional paths followed by psychological ones, even in the same species. Several factors like uprising, the place of birth, separation from mother and training mainly affect this type. Domestic animals learn a lot from the masters. These dogs form a strong bond with them and become emotionally bound.

The other important features of pit bull terrier dogs are a zest for life, confidence, and strength. They are superb companions and love children a lot. They are aggressive, no doubt and have a powerful physique. Therefore they need a master who can socialize and train the dog to the level of perfection. Due to their aggressive nature, this breed lost its popularity and became undesirable. This breed is simply very good in performing at several events due to its high level of intelligence and the willingness to work.

However, they are banned or restricted in many countries, cities, municipalities under the perception that they are highly aggressive towards the people and other animals.

pit3Health of pit bull terrier dog

This breed has a very high incidence of hip dysplasia. They also suffer from problems related to the patella, thyroid, and congenital defects of the heart. This breed also comes in dilute colors of coat, due to high incidence of skin allergies. They are more susceptible to parvovirus than others; therefore vaccination is imperative after it is about 6 weeks. Later it continues afterwards through the lifespan. If you’re looking for more information on american pitbull breeds then check out

They are more prone to demodex mange, a disease which occurs due to short coat. This is of 2 types. Localized and Generalized. Localized demodex can be seen in loss of hair, in the form of small patches on the head and feet of puppies. This disease heals as they grow, making them immunity strong. On the other hand generalized demodex mange is another severe form of sickness. The symptoms related to this are more severe and hair loss occurs throughout the body. The skin also becomes bloody and scabby. The latter one is mainly due to hereditary and occurs in immunodeficiency genes.