5 reasons why you should get your dog groomed by a professional

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hundeYour pet means a lot to you doesn’t it? Our pets show us unconditional love, no matter what we have done, they bear no judgement and their entire world revolves around us. It makes good sense to return the favour by keeping your pet in good health by taking them to the grooming parlour every few weeks, it shows them you care and keeps them healthy and clean.

Here are five reasons why you should get your dog groomed by a professional parlour;  such as the popular services and products available here. Hundesalon Ziborich – Büchen und Umgebung | Hundefriseur

Coat grooming

Dogs shed, some breeds worse than others, but you can bet that your pet needs regular brushing and coat maintenance in order to feel comfortable in shedding season. Their coat should be trimmed where necessary, or cut back almost completely if they are in need of it. Using quality shampoos and conditioners will help remove all the old loose hair and damaged skin cells while detangling and restoring their coat to its natural colour and fluffiness.

Professional groomers will know how to handle your dog and keep it from getting stressed on its first time to the parlour. The dog will also develop a relationship with the groomer and form a bond that will make them excited to jump in the car and go to the parlour for a brush.


Social skills

Dogs are social animals. They like to be around people and they trust that they have their best intentions at heart. Taking your dog to a parlour will teach them valuable social skills on how to behave around other people and other dogs. Dogs enjoy being brushed and they will feel relaxed and happy as they have their coats untangled, having other dogs around in the environment also helps them to mingle with other dogs and become familiar to situations with strangers.

Keep them healthy

Certain skin diseases such as mange are challenging to spot in the beginning, regular grooming of your dog will keep their skin and coat healthy, removing any harmful bacteria that may cause an infection. A little bit of preventative maintenance can really help in keeping them happy and healthy. A professional salon will have access to the best products and loads of experience on bathing dogs with them.


Your dog’s smile

Dental health is just as important to dogs as it is to humans and making sure that you dog has regular check-ups for clean teeth and gums is critical to their good health as they age. Tartar removal and gum health check-ups are well worth the money and will keep your dog’s smile bright and healthy. Professional dog grooming salons will have all the necessary equipment on hand to make sure that your dog’s mouth stays in tip-top condition.


The professional touch

You could probably do all the tasks listed above yourself, however, it can be a time consuming and frustrating experience to try and handle your dog correctly, rather leave it to the professionals, people who have years of experience and a lot of patience.

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Automatic cat litter box

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didiAre you searching online to find an automatic cat litter box? Its an amazing piece of technology isn’t it? Chances are you’ve heard about it in an article or been told about it by a friend and now you have come across this article an expect to find exactly what you need to know. You are in luck! Here’s some top benefits and reasons why you should buy an automatic litter box for your kitty, enjoy!

Studies have shown that the boost to our self-image and confidence from having a close pet like a cat, is great for mental health and well-being. Cats are special creatures that become our friends, if they feel like it. In fact, cats are so independent, they clean themselves and look out for themselves in a manner that is unique to house pets. The only thing you will ever have to do for your kitty is feed it and keep its litter box clean.


Nobody really minds scooping some kibble into a food bowl and topping up the water bowl once or twice a day, but having to clean out the litter box is not every one’s favorite cup of tea is it? The smell can be acrid and the sight sometimes sickening. So, enter the case for the automatic litter box; doing the job you don’t love to do.

How does it work?

The secret behind the success of this new technology comes from a fairly simple operating principle. The litterbox autonomously removes waste from the litter via means of a automatically operated rake that combs through the litter and then scoops it into a compartment at the rear of the unit.

All you have to do is empty the compartment when it becomes full. This not only reduces any effort you need to spend on the litter box and removing the waste but it also removes any odour from the air around the litterbox, keeping the room smelling fresher for longer.

How does it know when to rake the waste away?

The rake in the litter box is usually set to an automatic timer that is set to rake the litter every hour or so but not frequently enough to disturb your cat. Some models have sensors that are activated when the cat moves away from the litter box after using it, signalling the rake to comb the litter.


Will my cat be scared of the automatic litter box?

Cats need time to adjust to any sort of new stimulus in their lives, so don’t panic if kitty doesn’t take to it right away, give it a bit of time and when kitty is ready he or she will decide on whether or not to let the litter box into their lives, it’s a personal decision that only the cat can make, so keep your fingers crossed but chances are everything will turn out right! Cats love clean litter boxes, so this should be the best one they have ever had.

The benefits

  • Reduce cleaning time and effort
  • Keep your cat healthy and happy
  • Remove bad odours
  • Allow for automation for up to one month before emptying
  • Save on kitty litter


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