How to get rid of ear mites in cats

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catHaving pets at home is fairly common nowadays. Having pets requires maintenance too. The pets need to be looked after properly. They need to well fed, bathed, and need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The hygiene of pets is very essential.



For most people that have a cat as their pet, there can be many worries regarding the maintenance too. The most common worry undoubtedly can be regarding the ear mites. Ear mites are a very common problem among cats. Apart from cats it is also common thing among pet dogs, rabbit, etc. ear mites can be infectious, they are parasites that live in the ears of these cats and can cause harm. However, the point is “how to get rid of ear mites in cats?” For getting rid of ear mites first we need to confirm whether the pet has ear mites or not. Once confirmed then remedial solutions can be started. First one should clean the ears properly with oils like jojoba oil with the help of warm cotton balls to remove as much debris possible. Then we can put miticide drops, effective in killing these mites. One can take the cat to the vet clinic for ongoing treatment. There the doctors may give selamectin which is one of the most common parasite controllers. In these ways, the ear mites can be getting ridden off.

5 common mistakes when choosing veterinary clinic for your pet

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If you are the owner of the animal, then sooner or later you will unfortunately turn to a veterinary clinic. It may be necessary to obtain veterinary care, advice or make veterinarians preventive vaccination. How not to make the wrong choice of the veterinary clinic, because you are going to trust them the life and health of your pet? In Richmond Hill, currently operates more than one hundred veterinary clinics and literally every day the new one opens. Currently, the veterinary activities must be licensed, but sometimes people open veterinary clinics without complying with any requirements and work, in fact, without any control. The veterinarians of the good veterinary clinics must be well trained, honor and conscience, and the veterinary clinic must meet all the requirements, but unfortunately this is not always the case. So, what you must do to increase the likelihood of running into a worst veterinary clinic with charlatans-veterinarians?


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  1. Of course, you should not refer to the first available veterinary clinic in the Internet. Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to make fake sites, fake information and so on. So try to spend little more time for searching 3 or 4 nice Richmond Hill veterinary clinics and then make your choice from this list.
  2. When you contact the veterinary clinic by the phone do not agree to the proposal of providing veterinary care at home. Moreover, if such proposition will be offered to you more than one time, – you can immediately hung the phone up. The good veterinary clinic has all the conditions to invite you and perform the high level of the services, but also it has a special staff for performing emergency services at home.
  3. You should also try to find some information about the veterinary clinic you have chosen. Ask your neighbors and friends about veterinary clinics they have ever heard, ask acquaintances which have pets and read the feedbacks at the Internet.
  4. Visiting the web site of the veterinarian clinic you have chosen, do not ignore the existence of a permanent staff of the veterinarians, their qualifications, specialization and the work schedule. It is very important to know, that the veterinary clinic has a lot of well-educated and professional doctors, but not only young and frightened interns and students.
  5. Do not choose a veterinary clinic in Richmond Hill with the lowest prices for services. You should understand that nowadays the price for medical services can not be very low, because of expensive drugs. If you want to be calm for the health of your pet, if you want the vets to say the right diagnosis – you must choose the veterinary clinic with modern equipment, and this will not be inexpensive. But also remember, that too high prices are not the indicator of the professionalism, so choose the golden middle.

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