Find the best cat bed for your Kitty!

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kittlogoChoosing a cat bed may sound easy, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before doing this, okay, yes we know you have the best intentions in purchasing a nice cat bed for you beloved pet, but before you do ask yourself is it something your cat will actually use and will they be comfortable in it? Not every cat is going to like every type of bed available on the market so here’s a few things to consider.

Before your start going wild and buying all sorts of cat beds for your bellowed cat, you will be required to perform small observations about your pet. It is true that not every cats that will like every bed styles. So, you need to identify that your cat is the ground cat or your cat is the climber? Few cats are also perfectly comfortable to kick back on ground floor. So, for these, the floor bed can do a great trick. Some other cats, in the meantime, feel quite safe as well as comfortable if these are off from ground and may also look down to world. For such cats, you need to look for the great variety of the perching of the cat beds.


So, you also have dogs and the small children in your house, you also wish to stick with high beds to provide cat somewhere it will not regularly get annoyed. After this, ensure the bed perfectly fits with the size of your cat. Cats generally come in different sizes, so does the cat beds. In case you have the big tabby, ensure you hunt for the big bed instead to make them feel quite scrunched to fit. Similarly, cats prefer to feel as they are in the hiding spot, hence you don’t wish to give them the bed which is quite big they lost in this.

There we go, we hope this post has helped you in making an informed decision and hopefully your cat will love your choice! Now of course the next questions is where do you buy one! Never fear! We have that covered for you as well.



Kittkit is one of the UK’s leading online cat stores, they have every possible type/size/shape/ you name it! Of cat accessories and of course cat beds available! So why not pop on by their online shop and have a little browse around! Perhaps even let your cat have a little peak before making your decision! You never know they may just pick just the one! We hope you find the KittKit site as enjoyable as we did and we hope your cat purrs all night long with their new boudoir! You can get in touch with one of the KittKit team here.



How Lubrisyn can help your dog

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LubrisynLubriSyn is highly effective supplement for natural joint for many people, their horses as well as their dogs. Now, the question is that How Lubrisyn can help your dogPain is the natural defense of body which is against injury and illness. It provides to be signal when anything goes wrong in your body. However, pain is well associated with the arthritis that includes the severe pain from the inflammation of joints, serious pain from the damaged joints as well as the aggravated pain which is brought by enduring suffering from the joint pains.


It is true that pain is caused through gradual breakdown of the cartilage, soft material which cushions joints. Many Pain relief creams get consumed by the athletes, elderly and housewives. On the other hand there are different causes as well as diseases which can even contribute to the joint pain where most common are the osteoarthritis as well as the sports injuries. Moreover, the joint pain from the osteoarthritis is generally treated with use of more than counter as well as prescription medications. Moreover, with the concerns different rising in medical field lately about the dangers of heart disease for various prescription medications, several people are searching for the safe alternative for dealing with joint pain.