Make it memorable for your pet with Dog birthday cakes

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dogIf you are having a pet dog then you must be also celebrating its birthday with lots of enthusiasm. Pets are loyal to their masters and dogs are front runners in this aspect. By celebrating its birthday one can always make their pets happy and their friends possibly. Such occasions would need a birthday cake that is specially made for dogs and would not harm them in any way. As you must be aware feeding the dogs with cakes that has chocolate would potentially harm them and order the cakes from a bakery that is specialized in making cakes for animal consumption.

Bakeries that has expertise in making dog birthday cakes use a chocolate alternative named carob which is quite safe to consume for dogs. The ingredients that are typically used for making the cakes include flour, peanut butter, molasses, carob, yoghurt and water and these are found to be absolutely safe. The cakes usually are measured at 5.5” and have enough space to write your pet’s name. You can customize the cake by putting your requirements to the bakery and make it special for your dog. These bakers also ensure the safe delivery of the cake to your doorstep on the important day by special packing.

Dogs are fiercely loyal to their masters and guard their properties with a lot of zeal and sincerity. They are always happy to see when you come back from your office or from a daily chore outside and express their feelings by vigorously wagging their tail. They are also friends and protectors of your children and take a lot of pleasure in playing with them. Such credentials definitely deserve a birthday celebrated with a special cake that is baked with special ingredients most suitable to them. The cakes are also nutritious for dogs because they contain high amount of protein, oil and fibers.

You will not know how delicious these cakes are unless you taste them and eating them would not harm you. However cakes made for human consumptions is not fit for dogs so don’t ever feed them to your dogs. The best source to find a suitable bakery is the internet because most of these establishments are present online and by visiting their sites you would know what you are about to get.

It is important to inform these bakeries about your order in advance so that it is convenient for them to design and bake the cake and deliver it to you on time. Informing them 2-3 days prior to the birthday would be sufficient enough and you would also put in your requirement for customization of the cake along with the order. Do not forget to write the name of your dog so that the bakers do not forget to add while applying the final touch. Additionally you can also order dog treats such as cupcakes and other goodies that the dogs like from them. You can call these people on the phone to get details and for urgent orders you can send an email containing details. Also give the bakers sufficient time to deliver your dog birthday cakes.


The chicken coop that takes care of the gardening

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chickenRaising chickens is a great hobby because it supplies you with your daily quota of protein. Eggs are important part of a family menu and getting them fresh and plentiful from your back yard can take the bother of ordering them from the shops. The egg can cost plenty and you can get them free by rearing chickens in your yard. Most people think that rearing a chicken is a difficult task,  with the droppings and the mess they make on your premises. This is true, but there is  a chicken coop that takes care of these aspects and leaves you with just the task of feeding them with food and water.

Yes, a chicken coop that does  most of the cleaning work and allow you to take it easy so that you can rest  without worrying about the bird droppings. With the new portable chicken coops you can move the lot and park where you want and where you want their poop to be dropped. You can park the coop on the garden bed and importantly fertilize it with the natural droppings of the birds. The coops also offer natural airflow to the birds and keep them healthy that in turn enable them to lay big white eggs.